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Were you recently in a car accident of some sort and are you now looking for car towing services? Maybe you only need gas delivery or a jump start? Whatever the case may be, Parks Towing is the professional towing company that can do all these. We are best known in Lamar, MO but also offer services in many of the surrounding areas and counties. See our Areas Served page for more detailed information about that. Learn more about the services and our work process, below on this page.

Professional Towing Solutions for Every Need

Emergency Towing

Emergency Towing
If you have been in an accident or your car is extensively damaged, don't hesitate to give us a call for an emergency towing service. Our fleet of vehicles is regularly maintained, and we always ensure that our customers' vehicles are safe during the towing.

Fuel Delivery

Fuel Delivery
You may have forgotten to refill your tank and driven straight to your destination without thinking about your car's fuel.  So, if you find yourself running out of gas while you are driving, and the nearest gas station is a great distance away, don't worry, and give us a call! 


A dead car battery requires you to start it up using another battery that you may not have. You also need jumper cables to successfully jump-start your car. So, save yourself the hassle by hiring our professionals to jump-start your car for you.

Lockout Services

Lockout Services
Locked out of your car? Don't pry it open using something as damaging as a crowbar. Instead, contact our professional locksmiths to open your car for you using easy methods that won't harm or scratch the exterior and door of your car.

Mobile Repair Services

Mobile Repair Services
For cases when the repair needed for your vehicle is only a minor one, you can do away with the towing. Our skilled mechanics can do an on-site repair on your vehicle and get your vehicle running in no time. Give us your coordinates now!

24/7 Towing & Roadside Services

If there is something wrong with your vehicle and you are now looking for mobile mechanical service or you towing assistance, know that our company is here to the rescue. As a licensed towing service provider, we are available 24 hours a day.

From regular cars to semi-tractors, we can tow away pretty much everything. Our team has the required mechanical experience and can even help on-site and avoid the actual towing. You can also contact us for fuel deliveries, dead batteries, unlock services, and other low-scale services.

Work Process

We are always well equipped and you can call us for whatever reason 24 hours a day. We only need your location, and we will be with you soon enough. You can ask for a phone estimate but most of the time, we have to diagnose your vehicle before we can give you an exact quote.

Parks Towing is the professional towing agency in Lamar, MO to contact for any emergency and non-emergency situations on the road. Call us now for more information!

Client’s Testimonial

by Brian Gerbitz on Parks Towing
fantastic and quick service!!!

Grade A great service!!!

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